I'm an author of women’s fiction and young adult who loves magic realism and character driven novels. I also love coconut, dogs and really warm things like blankets and socks. If there is a fireplace, I’m there. Moody acoustic music is my favorite and I adore honesty almost as much as loyalty. (And a big hello to any fellow INFJ's.)

My first women’s fiction manuscript crept into the light only briefly in 2011 for a handful of queries before being smothered by my lack of confidence. I've gathered some space and much needed courage since then and now have a few projects going. They include two different work in progress novels in the young adult/new adult genre and a romance novel.

My focus has changed as well as my day job, so I hope to be more active online in weeks to come. Feel free to email me at regan (at) reganleigh (dot) com and I'll try to update this site more as soon as I can.